Game of the Year

Uncharted 4

What can we say? Uncharted 4 is a nearly perfect game. Featuring tremendous acting, a comedic and dark narrative, and some of the smoothest action/platforming and third person shooting we’ve ever experienced, Uncharted 4 is almost a given for Game of the Year.

Uncharted 4 sets Nathan Drake, years older and married to Elena, out of ‘the game’. Retired from his life of adventure and theft, Drake is attempting to earn an honest man’s living. His job seems interesting, and his family life appears wonderful. But from the early moments of the game – those after the flashback introducing Nathan’s long lost brother, Sam – you can tell that something just isn’t okay in the life of Nathan Drake. And when Sam returns from the dead, Nathan is pulled into one final adventure.

If there’s one element Uncharted 4 absolutely nailed, it was its excellent characterization. I – and many others – found myself rooting for the good guys (something I don’t always do) and hoping that Nathan and Elena made it out all right. Add to that a sound narrative created by Amy Hennig and completed by Neil Druckmann, two extremely talented writers, and you have a recipe for an impactful experience. But it isn’t just the narrative and characters that shine. Uncharted 4 perfected its own platforming; where the first three games each built upon the successes and failures of past platforming (and believe me, there were plenty of issues), Uncharted 4 gave gamers a near immaculate platforming mechanic. The system was so sound, in fact, that I never once died from a miss jump.

Earning a 99 from our review, and multiple perfect or near-perfect scores around the globe, Uncharted 4 steals its way into our Game of the Year Award. Uncharted 4 was so special that it lasted its way through the early portion of 2016 and shined above games like The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV – other hugely anticipated releases.