Game of the Year for RPGs:

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The latest of Pokémon franchise has made a hit with the mild changes to their formula. Sun & Moon now gives players a different experience than the tale of travelling to gyms again. Players traveled across islands completing trials. The story provides some compelling twists that have not been seen before in a Pokémon game. All with an interesting cast of characters to surround players as they travel. The new generation of Pokémon are amazing. Some of the new type pairings provide for great type coverage when forming teams. Players do not just find the new Pokémon, but new versions of the classic Pokémon that have been around since the beginning of the series. This game pushes the 3DS to the limit with the level of graphics and beauty. Coupled with another great soundtrack, it makes the Top RPG of 2016.

Runner Up

I am Setsuna

This game may have slipped under the radar for most, buried beneath the larger franchise releases. That did not keep it from making our Runner Up. The game takes us back to a classical style of RPG games with a simple and easy turned based battle system. With an all piano soundtrack that sounds amazing, it can potentially top some of the classic Final Fantasy music. This game has an emotional story with cute and mature sprite characters that lend itself to creating one of the most memorable RPGs of 2016.