In the fast paced gaming landscape we live in today, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s released but more importantly, what’s worth your hard earned money and free time. Thankfully, we here at Bit Cultures have decided to make this process a little less daunting by providing our readers with three games we feel are worth checking out. Starting right now and continuing the first Friday of every month will be Bit Cultures Game of the Month.

(Winner) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

uncharted 4

Despite the near impossible levels of hype surrounding it, thanks to the high bar set by previous entries, delays and it being the first (and last) game in the series on PS4, Uncharted 4 delivers. The story is deeply engaging, the characters the best and most relatable they’ve ever been, and the platforming and gunplay now match the high quality cinematic presentation the series has been known for. It’s also a damn good looking game with very smooth performance. Outside of the 15+ hour story, it also features a fun and frantic multiplayer mode that plays out like a “best of Uncharted” since it features all the notable characters from each game as well as mystical power-ups inspired by treasures Drake discovered on his adventures. If you’re looking for a content filled and quality rich experience, then Uncharted 4 is worth every doubloon.

~Nick Grave

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(Runner Up) Overwatch


Overwatch is Blizzard’s first entry into the FPS genre and has been received incredibly well and with good reason. Overwatch is a brilliantly made game. Starring an cast of incredibly fleshed out and overall likeable characters, the game has built up lore through outside sources. But, Overwatch has seen the success it has because of how good it feels to play. The animations are beautiful, the controls are super tight, and the maps and game modes are just fun to play. With how much love and care was put into Overwatch its not surprising at all that it’s been as successful as it is, it deserves it.

~Jim Wallace

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(Honorable Mention) DOOM

DOOM AltDOOM is a crowning achievement for the FPS genre, somehow managing to live up to (and in some cases, exceed) fan expectations with its fast-paced blend of old school FPS design with new age elements. Each of its 13 levels are complex and riddled with secrets and collectibles, the weapons are all unique and fun to use, and the gameplay is smooth and satisfying. On top of all that, at its heart, it still feels like DOOM; this isn’t some bastardized version of the original demonfest shooter. It certainly doesn’t hurt having classic maps to blast through, and the community SnapMap feature is already loaded with entire previous games to enjoy, all created by passionate fans. Thanks to all of its feature-heavy elements and dedicated fan service, DOOM isn’t just a fantastic FPS experience; it’s the ultimate reboot.

~Peter Starr

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