Winner: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Breath of the Wild in the years before its release. Even with my love for the franchise, it is evident that the Legend of Zelda has failed to truly reinvigorate itself since the N64 days. After putting the game into my console, I was instantly under the Nintendo spell. Breath of the Wild is beautiful, fun to play and a love letter to gamers everywhere. Breath of the Wild, most of all, is a return to form the series has needed for decades.

Everything about the game is created with the player in mind, with its varying facets feeling sublimely integrated. On top of all this, Nintendo and the developer team have managed to breathe life into Hyrule in a way that almost matches my childhood depictions of the fabled land. It’s been a long while since a game has had me hooked to my TV or grinning as profusely as I was. Game of the month? It’s pretty much Game of the Year.

~Jose Herrias

Runner-Up: Nier: Automata

Neir Automata is an open-world action RPG created by Platinum Games. The newest game with the saddest story and it’s becoming one of the best Action RPG for 2017. The main characters are 2B an android with the main traits of being calm and composed, with her partner 9S a reconnaissance android who has more emotion than others and the obsolete prototype android A2 who is a lonewolf. Other characters that are included are the Commander, Adam and Eve, Pascal, Devola and Popola. A Post-Apocalyptic world where an alien machine race has taken over the planet earth and the last of humanity have left for the moon, created the resistance and along with the creation of humanoid androids they are the only ones that can fight them. Neir Automata brings superb action, amazing story, a great soundtrack, and the tone of the atmosphere is easy to get lost in. This sequel to Nier is definitely worth the buy.

~Evan Reynolds

Honorable Mention: Snipperclips

This one almost came out of nowhere to take this spot. One of the few games to release on opening day for the Nintendo Switch. Already overshadowed to most by the winner of this Month, Breath of the Wild. But that doesn’t mean this title has nothing to offer players. The original concept of the game first developed in Adobe Flash, by Indie Developers SFB Games. Now one of starting games of Nintendo’s Newest Console Generation. Set up to be a Multiplayer experience, but still offers Single-Player. By controlling the 2 Characters, Snip and Clip, players with solve different puzzles. This is done by working together to clip the characters down into the proper shape to fit the template of a level. There are other objectives that involves carry objects and popping balloons.

~Melissa Buranen