August has come to an end and with it marks the last few days of Summer but more importantly, as a gamer, it means the end of the gaming drought before Fall ushers in a slew of exciting new releases to look forward to. Until then though, here are some games to keep you busy until all the big releases hit this Fall.

(Winner) Deus Ex:Mankind Divided

Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided continues the story of Adam Jensen from the previous title Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Cyber-punk styled futuristic universe is now set two years after Human Revolution. Primarily set in first person perspective that changes to third person while in cover. There are choices to how you play, lethal or non-lethal. There are reactions in the game depending on your choices and actions. The story focused on the mind bending conspiracies going on behind the scene as Adam Jensen looks for answers. He had only scratched the surface at the end of the last game. But now he is undercover with Interpol while working with another group called the Collective. But can any of them be trusted? That’s just one struggle as you also seek to track down a group of terrorists.

Melissa Buranen

(Honorable Mention) Resident Evil 4  RE4

It’s pretty much become tradition that when a new console generation arrives, it’s inevitable that Capcom will once again release Resident Evil 4 at some point or another. While the PS2 version was the only one to receive new content, this version does finally update the game to 1080p/60 FPS on consoles along with a minor change to the control scheme to bring it up to par with modern Third-Person Shooters. And yes, you still have to stop and shoot, so deal with it. Not much needs to be said, if you’ve played the game in any of its many forms and still enjoy it, picking it up for the generous price of $20 is well worth the price of admission. And if for whatever reason you’ve never played this revolutionary title but always meant to, definitely give it a go. The voice acting and dialogue is just as cheesy as it ever was, the story is ridiculous, and babysitting Ashley can still be a chore; but at its core, the game still delivers a solid action/mild horror experience even when it’s begun to show its age in some areas.

Nick Grave