Voodoo you think you can survive?

Reviewed on Xbox One

The idea of randomly generated dungeons or maps in any given game, to me, is an awesome idea. It’s not always executed well, and when it’s removed from a series (Diablo III), it’s usually to negative consequences. In Full Mojo Rampage, a top-down stick shooter where you play as a witch doctor, the randomly generated stages (consisting of multiple generated levels) come in all different shapes and sizes successfully.

Full Mojo Rampage begins by having your chosen character (there are a few to choose from to start) clean up the mess of a powerful necromancer who left summoning portals open because he got a little too drunk. In order to do so, you must traverse the levels in the first stage to close open portals while dispatching the spirits of the dead. It’s a challenging endeavor, and it’s one that I surely couldn’t beat on my first five tries. But they don’t leave you struggling against the tide.

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In Full Mojo Rampage, you character(s) level up after each death. You accrue experience in game and can apply your level up bonuses after death. The point of this is so that, eventually, you can make your way through the levels and dispatch the stage bosses. With that said, there are plenty of other unlockables for you to utilize in your adventure. For example, you can find new voodoo sticks (these are your weapons) to wield in combat. You’re able to equip a couple per run, and each stick has a special ability ingrained. As you progress, the idea is that you’ll be able to strategize your gameplay to your strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I like to give myself large amounts of health or damage reduction; I’m not the greatest at dodging attacks, but if I can take a few hits, I’m pretty accurate.

The content in Full Mojo Rampage is plenty, especially for a game that runs $12.99 on Steam. There are about five stages, and each stage contains a decent amount of levels (along with treasure rooms, challenges, and gamble rooms, etc.). Each level and stage are also designed differently, many containing a change in aesthetics. While the first stage has its own set of visuals, the next stage incorporates a fresh set, and so on. So while this game is able to keep itself fresh via gameplay, the addition of changing scenery is just another positive.

Full Mojo Rampage

When comparing Full Mojo Rampage to other games of its ilk, it’s easy to distinguish it from the pack. Where The Binding of Isaac, a similar and equally difficult and fun title, gave you one life to progress through a series of dungeons (and gave you perks throughout), Full Mojo Rampage allows you to build on your chosen character to progress. Both are designed to be difficult, but the gameplay behind each is pretty different. On top of that, Full Mojo Rampage offers much more content to unlock and lengthier play time.

Visuals in-game are pretty for a top-down stick shooter. The characters almost have a clay look, which strangely fits the voodoo reality. Everything in the game has a dark but cutesy look to it, so fans of both Halloween-esque styles and cute animations will find something to enjoy with the visuals. Alongside those, the sparse narrative is humorous and provides enough content to keep you invested in clearing out each stage. It’s not a serious game, nor does it try to be, and that’s okay.

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In conclusion, Full Mojo Rampage is an entertaining and successful top-down stick shooter. I found minimal to no mechanical issues, and the game always ran smoothly for me. Controls were tight, and the ability to level up after a death (as well as the options to customize your character stats and weapons) were great. The strategy options felt unlimited and tailored to let you choose your play experience. The sound and music in Full Mojo Rampage are entirely forgettable but overly loud – something easily remedied by lowering the volume of my sound base. But like most games of its genre, Full Mojo Rampage cashes in on its immense replay value – you’ll spend hours upon hours trying to clear the game, let alone the first stage. If you have about $15 and are looking for a solid indie game (and don’t mind a challenge), then this Full Mojo Rampage may be just for you.

Full Mojo Rampage Review
Intense, fast paced gameplayMinimal-to-no mechanical errorsStrategize/equip your character to fit your own needsRandomized dungeons
Can become tedious dying so oftenSound is loud and forgettableNot the greatest enemy variation
81%Xbox One
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