The jig is up on the elusive game…

Way back in 2012 Frog Fractions became a weird cult hit in some corners of the internet. It is difficult to explain why and how this happened but the game is still available to play for free. But now, after a series of parallel ARGs and encrypted messages built into seemingly unrelated games Frog Fractions 2 has been found. Not released, but found, because Frog Fractions 2 is actually hidden inside another game, Glittermitten Grove, a sort of fairy themed survival, building game. If this all seems confusing that’s sort of the point of the Frog Fractions phenomenon. If this type of convoluted development story is interesting to you, Waypoint  has been covering it extensively. And if you want to play Frog Fractions 2 get yourself a copy of Glittermitten Grove, currently $20 on Steam, then buy some fireworks and use them to dig in the ground until you find a door. Good Luck.