Like a brutal Dynasty Warriors..

Based on what is already known about For Honor, the game could be described as Dynasty Warriors with some depth. A piece of the game was available to play at GameSpot Expo 2016 in Anaheim and here are some early impressions.

Some previous public demos of For Honor showcased the singleplayer of the game but the version at the GameSpot Expo was multiplayer with three character classes unlocked. Players were allowed one match so I only played as the Viking. The mode of the demo was a fairly basic domination-style mode where points are awarded to a team for capturing points on the map. There were some interesting nuances to the mode, like friendly control points healing player characters or the creeps that swarm one of the control points, inviting the Dynasty Warriors comparison.


The main strength of For Honor is the combat, which is nuanced and feels really good. By holding down the left trigger players engage their guard mode and using the right stick direct that guard, and any attacks, to one of three openings. As long as a player is attacking an opening that the other player is guarding the characters will clash without doing damage. When a player attacks an opening that isn’t guarded damage is done. This makes combat, especially against actual humans, a complex dance of guard and stance changes attempting to feint an opponent into guarding the wrong spot so they can be cut down without taking a hit yourself. Fighting multiple opponents adds another layer of difficulty and complexity to the combat.

Without much basis for comparison, all that can be said about the Vikings as a class is that they are pretty fun to play. In a game like For Honor a twelve minute demo is really not enough time to fully evaluate a character class in relation to the others in the game, especially without playing the others.

The multiplayer in For Honor definitely requires coordination. It doesn’t seem to take too long to capture a point and the map in the demo wasn’t that big so action is constantly shifting and rolling back and forth across the map. If a team is uncoordinated they will be quickly wrecked by a team that’s communicating effectively. This will be the type of game where players want to roll with a crew as opposed to queue up with random internet people. 

For Honor will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 14, 2017 and is definitely shaping up to be one of the games to watch for next year.