Square Enix had a celebration filled with announcements and news for their now 30 year old series, Final Fantasy.

Let’s kick off with a small nugget for a big title, the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

This new piece of art was given for the game. While fans certainly are not ungrateful for what they are getting. The lack of more to show could mean that fans are in for longer wait. But at least their other upcoming releases will gives them something in the mean time.

Next, more DLC for the latest Final Fantasy XV is on the way.

On Feburary 21st, The Booster Pack DLC will release. It comes with ‘Magitek Exosuits’ costumes for cast, giving Power Ranger/Super Sentai look to the team and will provide benefits in battle. It will be a free DLC, but those with the Season Pass can expect an enhanced version.

Following on March 28th, the first story-based DLC comes to FFXV. This DLC has been dubbed, “Episode Gladiolus”. Delivered as a new chapter from the perspective of Gladio. A recurring character of the series, Gilgamesh is slated to appear.

Last but not least, the upcoming remake for Final Fantasy XII, The Zodiac Age. Along with the new piece of artwork seen above, now has a release date. We can expect to see the remake later this year on July 11th.

Do you think we’ll see Final Fantasy VII Remake release in 2017? What about the look of the Exosuits for FFXV? And anyone excited for FFXII The Zodiac Age?