The new generation of Pokemon, Sun and Moon have been officially announced and will hit store shelves later this year, just in time to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary. Whether completely believable or highly questionable, something we can all look forward to in the coming months leading the the game’s release are blurry/out of focus “leaks” of new Pokemon. “New starter evolutions leaked!”, “Is this one of the new Eeveelutions?”.


These are some of the headlines we’re used to whenever a new Pokemon game loomed on the horizon, and you can expect that to be the case once again. We’ve all fallen victim to believing, or at the least hoping some of those CoroCoro leaks were real. So let’s get ahead of the fakers, who are undoubtedly already scheming and photoshopping the next batch of “leaks” by looking back at some of the previous gen leaks that definitely caught our attention.