A Squire Arises to Join the Fight

As Overwatch continues its domination of FPS gaming, Blizzard continue to expand its ever growing roster of playable characters. Today, they unveiled the likes of a new character: Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of Torbjorn and squire to Reinhardt Wilhelm. After patching Reinhardt’s armor, Brigitte found her calling on the battlefield, where she lends her aid to those in need. Brigitte answers the call for a tougher support character, and her addition to the Overwatch roster should be an intriguing one. We’ll take a look at everything you need to know about Brigitte below.

  • Brigitte is 28 years old and hails from Gothenburg, Sweden and is the daughter of Torbjorn.
  • Brigitte is a support character with tank qualities, meaning she can take a beating while keeping her party afloat. She can toss healing packs to fellow teammates, extending her typical range and allowing for a certain level of strategizing.
  • She comes equipped with a decently ranged melee attack, a personal barrier shield, and a healing/armoring ability.
  • Rally, Brigitte’s ult, is a radius ability that provides a special and powerful armor to allies and a speed boost to herself, allowing her to bulldoze her way into the enemy lines while providing a solid boost to her team.
  • Brigitte brings a host of new moves to the table, such as:
    • Rocket Flail – Inflicts damage upon multiple enemies with a single swing.
    • Whipshot – Throws her flail at faraway enemies, providing a solid knockback.
    • Barrier Shield – A frontal shield that absorbs enemy damage.
    • Shield Blast – A forward dash that stuns enemies once her shield has been deployed.
    • Inspire – A slow, passive healing power (initiated by hitting an enemy with her flail).
    • Repair Pack – A healing item that heals allies and provides armor once health is over 100%.
  • Brigitte was first introduced to the Overwatch narrative in the comic Dragon Slayer.



We look forward to rolling with Brigitte and seeing how she changes the face of battles to come.