The charming thief returns.

Announced yesterday, Locke Cole, the charismatic thief from Final Fantasy VI, makes his way to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as the next downloadable character. Featuring quick and deadly attacks mixed with some devastating magic, Locke also has the ability to mug his opponents. He’ll join Terra in her fight against the notorious Kefka. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Locke is an Assassin class and prefers the term treasure hunter.
  • Locke can mug his foes and use the stolen items/gear in combat against them.
  • Locke will serve as a hero character, being one of the main protagonists from Final Fantasy VI.
  • From the videos we’ve seen, Locke appears to have a similar play style as Zidane but maybe with a bit more power and flexibility.
  • It appears that his weapons will change appearance based on what you steal (this is unconfirmed, of course, but the weapons do change in the video).
  • He does not have a set release date yet, but Locke is due out at the end of June.
  • Check out the Square-Enix livestream to see Locke in full action below.

With Locke launching in June, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT sees its second DLC character of at least six. We’ll come at you with gameplay of Locke as soon as he launches, so keep your eyes peeled. Make sure to check out our Dissidia Final Fantasy NT review if you’re considering whether to pick up the game.