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The New Leader of Rabanastre

In its first DLC addition to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square-Enix announced Vayne Carudas Solidor as the newest member of the fighting roster. Vayne hails from Final Fantasy XII, where he served as the main antagonist. Vayne, the new charismatic conqueror of Rabanastre, appears kindly and understanding, but he is far more sinister than his outward appearances. He makes his way to the villain’s roster and appears to come replete with a plethora of powerful melee and ranged attacks. Don’t let his meager, long-locked look fool you; Vayne is far from the meager man he presents himself.

  • Vayne makes his debut Dissidia appearance, as he has yet to exist in the Dissidia universe to date.
  • Vayne becomes another heavily technical character with numerous variations of each move that can combo what appears to be up to four or five attacks.
  • While Vayne’s moveset has not been completely revealed, here is what we know (based on translations of the Japanese version):
    • Bonecrusher – Knocks enemies away from in front(BRV)
    • Headwind Break – Dashes to the rear of an enemy and knocks them away (BRV)
    • Descending Phoenix – From above, knocks an enemy toward the ground (BRV)
    • Right Hammer – From an enemy’s right, knocks an enemy to the left (BRV)
    • Left Reversal – From an enemy’s left, knocks them to the right (BRV)
    • Hell’s Kick – A downward kick from the ground (BRV)
    • Indestructible Heaven – An uppercut attack (BRV)
    • Force of Will – Sends a tall, purple beam toward enemies (HP) {May be different}
    • Monarch’s Manifesto – Buffs team and self for a select period of time (the longer it is held, the better the buff up to level 3 – defense & EX gauge, movement and BRV up, and Attack up, Regen) (EX Skill)
    • Fortis Novus – Vayne transforms into a more powerful being, increasing and decreasing stats accordingly (Alt Form)
  • Vayne comes with two separate outfit types (with the standard variations), as well as three separate weapons.
  • Vayne does come as an odd choice for the first DLC content considering his lack of popularity, but the bold move makes sense as he is a newcomer to Dissidia and balances out the villains and heroes.

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