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‘Yakuza 0’ Trailer

E3 2016 Trailer

‘Dead Rising 4’ To Be Timed Exclusive

Confirmed to be a timed-exclusive for Xbox One and PC.

‘Friday the 13th’ Gameplay Revealed

Gameplay Preview

‘Persona 5’ Gameplay Shown

Gameplay Footage

‘Dragonball Xenoverse 2’ Gameplay Shown

Gameplay Footage

‘Tales of Berseria’ Trailer Shown

Cinematic Trailer

VICE Debuts ‘Hyper Light Drifter’ Documentary


New Xbox One Price Drop

Microsoft announced a new, limited-time discounted price for the Xbox One, bringing the price down to $279.

XB1 Price Cut FI

Sony Reveals VR Aim Controller

Sony VR Aim Controller

Telltale Games Releases First ‘Batman’ Images/Info

Batman TTS FI2

Telltale Games Releases ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Trailer


EA Announces ‘Play To Give’ Charity


New ‘Zelda’ Wii U Promo Art Released

My Return To Nintendo Image 6

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