Kratos’ babymama revealed among an unceasing stream of trailers.

This year’s Sony press conference was wall to wall trailers. Only one executive ever set foot on stage during the event. Here’s a rundown of what the Playstation team had to show for themselves.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Nathan Drake’s story ended with Uncharted 4, but there is still more story to be told for the series. Kicking off Sony’s E3 presentation with a new look at Chloe and Nadine’s adventure in India. The trailer shows the some the intense action to be expected of the series and the badass females it surrounds. Not far out of reach with a release date scheduled for August 22, 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Released in February of 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn was a major hit. It took players on an adventure of the captivating post-apocalyptic world filled with mechanical beasts through the compelling narrative surrounding the world and its main character Aloy. Now we get our first look at the DLC content to be coming later this year. True to the name of ‘The Frozen Wilds’ the scenery is covered in snow and ice and in a whole new location from which we roamed in the main story. Which will also bring new types of threats and enemies for Aloy to fend off in her search for answers.

Days Gone

This latest gameplay footage shows off just how players will survive the open-world zombie experience this game has to offer. The zombies look to roam in hoards and when alerted can take off into a fast paced sprint at their next meal. The trailer showcases the use of stealth to get around both the zombie and human threats, even using one to neutralize another. Though uncertain any stealth approach will help when dealing with a Zombie Bear.

Monster Hunter World

With a fan base described as a cult following I had trouble discerning just which one it could be at first. And that’s from someone who is a part of the cult-like fandom of Monster Hunter. The game itself shows a vast departure from the recent titles. This is not just in terms of the graphical nature. Within the trailer there were uses of stealth mechanics, hiding in bushes and using camouflage, an aspect that never held a huge importance in previous titles. This draws a conclusion that it will be a larger necessity for surviving and hunting this new World of Monster Hunter. It is still ways off into Early 2018, but it can’t get here fast enough.

Shadow of the Colossus

A beloved title from the PS2 era getting full remastered edition for the PlayStation 4. The visual graphics getting a major boost, with textures and details. It remains to be seen what changes might have been made to the physics and the controls for the gameplay. Expected to release in 2018 this is one game that is worth playing again.

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite

The 2nd story trailer expands to reveal more of the characters we can expect to see. From Marvel: Thanos, Gamora, Nova and Black Panther and from Capcom: Zero from Mega Man X and Dante from Devil May Cry (Not to be missed in the background Dah’ren Mohran from Monster Hunter). This fighting game title is set to launch on September 19th. But for eager fans, a Story Demo is available today!

Call of Duty WWII November 3rd

Showcased as the multiplayer reveal trailer the trailer gave glimpses at the varied environments players will be playing on. From the snowy landscapes, villages, and on ships to give some examples. Call of Duty is planning to stay authentic with the campaign, but for those who chose to, they can play as a female in the multi-player mode. The latest installment of this well-known series will be hitting the shelves on November 3rd.


God of War

Sony first revealed the new God of War game at their Playstation Expo last December. That trailer showed an older Kratos than fans had known in games past and changed setting from Ancient Greece to the realms of Norse mythology. The video also showed that Kratos fathered a son between games. This new E3 presentation introduced the mother of that child for the first time along with a host of monsters and ancillary characters some hostile and some, apparently, helpful.

Detroit: Become Human

The latest trailer for David Cage’s upcoming game about Androids living in future version of Detroit featured the story of an Android freedom fighter named Marcus. If the trailer is anything to go by Detroit: Become Human will be in line with other Cage made games in terms of nuanced storytelling.

Destiny 2

Since the beginning of the Destiny phenomena an agreement between Activision and Sony secured exclusive content for the Playstation version of the game. As of this press conference that relationship will officially continue for the sequel. They even produced an extra trailer so we all would remember.



Since Sony started holding their Playstation Experience events a couple years ago. Their E3 press conferences serve to update the gaming community on the progress of all the games announced at their fan events as opposed actually announcing new games. So this year we get a cool gameplay trailer for the Spiderman game Insomniac is making. The trailer shows off some impressive traversal, combat, gadgets, and environmental mechanics. Also a lot of quick time events. Spiderman is scheduled for a 2018 release.

In addition to all the PS4 games on offer at the Sony conference there were several Playstation VR games.

Skyrim VR

Get ready for even more Skyrim because in addition to porting the popular RPG to Switch, Bethesda is apparently porting the game to VR along with Fallout 4 which they announced at their own press conference last night.

Star Child

Almost the entirety of the Sony conference was presented without context or comment so the trailer for this VR side scroller while interesting, does little to show why the game needs to be VR only or really what the game will be about, except for making friends with big robots.

The Inpatient

Supermassive Games showed not one but two VR games at the Sony Press Conference. The first Supermassive VR game of the show, The Inpatient, is shaping up to be a first person horror game set in an insane asylum. A style of game and setting that is destined to become overdone any time now.

Bravo Team

The second VR offering from Supermassive Games is this fairly polished looking, but somehow also generic seeming, first person shooter Bravo Team.


Of all the games in the Playstation VR segment of the show Polyarc’s VR puzzle game featuring an adorable mouse, Moss was probably the highlight. Check out the trailer below.

Superhot VR

Alongside these new VR games sony announced that popular PC VR game Superhot VR will be coming to the playstation platform this summer.



In addition to all the full games for VR Sony showed at their conference the Playstation VR maker also revealed a new VR fishing add-on for Final Fantasy XV.