Bethesda has revealed the upcoming DOOM content to be released. Firstly, free updates are coming to the community feature SnapMap, including:

  • New construction modules (including Hell visuals), props, objects, weapons, andĀ items
  • New logic options and functionality
  • Single-player weapon wheel
  • Two new multiplayer modes, including one-flag CTF (Exodus) and a multi-zone capture-and-hold mode (Sector)
  • Three free-for-all modes, including classic Deathmatch

“Unto The Evil,” DOOM’s first DLC package, has also been detailed. The package includes:

  • Three new multiplayer maps (Offering, Cataclysm and Ritual)
  • New playable demon called the Harvester
  • A new gun
  • Equipment items, armor sets, taunts, and more

Starting tonight, the first level of DOOM will also be available for free on Steam, Xbox One and PS4. This offer is only available this week, so if you haven’t tried out the fantastic FPS reboot yet, now’s your chance to fight like hell!