Dinocide is a true old-school platformer that pays homage to many NES classics.

Reviewed on PC

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, it’s refreshing to return to the primitive (see what I did there?) fundamentals that made the genre such a breakaway success to begin with.

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Dinocide puts players in the middle of the action from the very beginning. Your love interest is kidnapped by a dinosaur god (because why the hell not?), and you have to travel through a diverse and challenging 8-bit prehistoric world to rescue your love.

The one thing I will say is that the graphics can be a little off-putting at first, which perhaps make this an easy title to simply glance over and ignore. But doing so would be a shame since I found that once I actually sat down and played through the first couple of levels, I found the environments extremely refreshing, and artistically diverse enough to keep me interested in advancing to the next stage.

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Unfortunately, this is where the magic kind of dies down for me.  Nostalgia is great, and it can be an incredible tool for introducing a skeptical audience to a new or unique concept. I feel that this opportunity has perhaps been missed, though. The side-scrolling visual style is nice, but the player is on a finite timer (10-12 seconds to find food or death) which makes me immediately feel rushed. I don’t mind having to navigate on a track, but the extremely aggressive timer gives the game a rushed feel that is completely contradictory to the throwback titles it attempts to emulate.

Dinocide is still a challenging, unique, and often enjoyable game that is easily accessible from the Steam Store, but I’m not sure who, exactly, this game is targetted towards. It’s certainly too challenging for younger players, and it’s far too simple to offer any long-lasting replay appeal for most. In short bursts of play, Dinocide offers a nostalgia-inducing moment of fun, but ultimately it offers limited appeal in the long-term.

Dinocide Review
Eclectic NES styleEasy to jump in and out ofSimple controls
Features don't always mesh wellNot a lot of depth8-bit graphics aren't for everyone
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