Hunters prepare.

As we all anxiously gnash our teeth in our feverish monster murder urges, I thought, “Why not go over the Deviljho? Give the hunters that are not familiar with this big baddie a few tips, so they don’t die as quickly in a wallowing puddle of gore and self hatred. Do they even know that its nickname is ‘The Pickle’? I must go, for my murderous hunters need me!” Thus, here we are, my spicy hunters – to devour what we know about the Deviljho so that we can hunt it to the point where we can safely escort it to the endangered species list. Pack your bags and grab you butts; we’re going to kick this pickle.

First off, we have to acknowledge that, since Monster Hunter World toned down the overall difficulty, Deviljho may have been toned down a bit, too. Here is what we know from previous games:

  • Deviljho can inflict Defense Down, Dragonblight, Fireblight, Iceblight, or Waterblight depending on the terrain, making this one very annoying pickle.
  • When you combine the ailment afflictions with its raw damage output and large health pool, you’re basically looking at an even tougher Diablos battle.
  • It can pin hunters, leap like it is trying out for the pickle Olympics, throw rocks at hunters, and just slap people with its tail.
  • Hold on to your butts because it gets worse – Deviljho has a breath attack when it becomes enraged that is a dragon element attack and covers 180 degrees range in front of it

That’s right; this pickle is out to murder everyone! What can we do against this most murderous of pickles? Could there be hope? If we throw a cucumber at it, will it become confused and wander off? No worries, for this great green aberration does have a weakness or two.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Deviljho, and your murder boner must be sated. Worry not, however, for practice makes perfect.

  • You should begin your murder practice with either a dragon or thunder weapons. These are the two elements that wound the big pickle the most.
  • Now the Pickle can be caught by traps, so either give your Palico the bug trappers load out or bring your own.
  • It is also blinded by flash pods, so be sure to stock up on some before the big hunt.
  • I like to use a wide variety of meat that has been altered to mess up some hunger monsters. To date, I have yet to see a monster take a nibble.
  • Deviljho would be the monster to break my bad luck in this, however, since it is one hungry pickle. I would recommend some paralyzing meat for this one. There’s nothing quite like getting a good few hits in with some spiked meat.

Actual gameplay footage of Deviljho.

I hope that the Deviljho is released in its full glory so that we may hunt a truly angry pickle. To you spicy hunters still reading the words of this madman:  Let the hunt begin!