The ARG, or Alternate Reality Game, has been a mainstay of marketing for years now, and the new Deus Ex game is no different.

You can tell things are serious because the letter A has been replaced by an uppercase delta; only a monster would so flagrantly mix alphabets. Following the link brings you to a page entitled ‘cantkillprogress’ on ‘AugAware’, showing the following:

AugAware: Can't kill progressSeems like a dead end, right? Well, pretty much. For those of you willing to dig deeper, however, the following can be found in the page’s source code, as transcribed by Sparse over on Neogaf:

Deus Ex ARG Source Text

All of this seems to be suggesting that the new game will remain focused on the struggle between anti-augmentation activists and pro-augmentation corporations that was central to the plot of Human Revolution. Those able to parse the extraneous nonsense will no doubt unveil more information over the coming days, so watch this space.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is due for release on August 23rd but, if these hints are any kind of guideline, we may learn more about the game sooner rather than later.

Source: Neogaf