Behind Locked Bars

Reviewed on PS4

This second DLC story pack for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided might be our last bit of Deus Ex and Adam Jensen for some time. This DLC story is named A Criminal Past. Jensen- a criminal? Say it ain’t so! Technically he isn’t… somewhat.

The beginning portion of the DLC story takes place after the events of the main game. Jensen is in an evaluation with the TF29 psychologist, Delara Auzenne. From the dialogue this is not the first time they are going over one of Jensen’s old cases. The actual gameplay portion of the DLC will essentially be Jensen’s memories, playing through the story of his first TF29 mission. The mission is to infiltrate a prison for Augmented and contact an agent inside that is “Deep Opal,” Deep Opal meaning that they are deep undercover. Jensen will be posing as a prisoner, which requires finding ways around security and other unfriendly prisoners.

In terms of adding to main plot line of Illuminati, it doesn’t. The ending interaction did have some interesting hints to larger plot lines. but still nothing that gave any significant updates to the plot. Which isn’t super unexpected when it comes to the DLC story lines, yet still mildly disappointing. It has the chance to become a larger factor in later games that continue the series. With the main story revolving around a conspiracy, it is hard to imagine that this story was told for no reason. Depending on your choices during the final debate, the options to pacify the man shine a light on Jensen’s darker side, and his awareness of it.

In terms of gameplay, there is some creativity with the need for stealth. Jensen’s now a prisoner, which means at arrival he has no weaponry. The embedded implant he was given during the admission process will lock out augments as well, until finding a way to counteract the device with what is called, “The Choke.” Due to the timeline, the events in this story take place prior to the events of Mankind Divided, meaning that technically the new abilities unlocked in that game are not really available, but they’ll give you the option to use them. Personally I went with the classic abilities. If there is the option to not use the new ones then it is possible to get through without them- no matter how much I relied on remote hacking during the main game.

When it comes to upgrading the abilities, it will take time to build up praxis. Don’t forget to scavenge! There is the chance of finding Praxis Kits around in containers. The more hacking, exploring, and all other XP-giving actions will add to the amount of upgrades that can be obtained. When it comes to spending them, I held off on using them right away. It was when I had a obstacle that required an upgrade that I spent what I had. As I focused on a stealth approach, most of the upgrades I obtained were in hacking. Helpful in eliminating cameras, drones, turrets and bots from causing more trouble.

Is A Criminal Past worth playing? If you enjoy the series and are looking to have the last bit of new Deus Ex until a new game comes out. Which, considering the developer is focusing on other IPs, it could be a considerable time until then. But currently it is just more Deus Ex to play. If you already have the season pass then you’ve already got the DLC. It certainly provides a challenge, but it can come down to personal taste if it would be worth getting if you haven’t already.


Deus Ex: A Criminal Past DLC Review
Challenging for stealth approchInteresting points of character dialogue
Doesn't give depth to main game plot
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