Online Multiplayer Shooters Are a Dime a Dozen.

Reviewed on PC

Despite the wide selection of modes that one may get or the amount of detail that’s put into a loadout, multiplayer shooters are, more or less, pretty much all the same. The only real aspect, in my eyes anyway, that differentiates online multiplayer is the experience that one gets from a certain title. Whether it’s Overwatch’s superhero style or Titanfall’s mech-suit mayhem, there’s something out there for pretty much all gamers. So with that being said, where does Day of Infamy rank on the scale of good to average?

Well, it terms of an experience, Day of Infamy definitely provides one. Set during the timeframe of the second World War, this first-person shooter brings everything to the table in regards to presentation. I wouldn’t go as far to say that there’s ‘nothing like it’, but it certainly does a good job in its own right and manages to capture the overall look of the war. The tone, however, not so much. Not that there was much that could’ve been done in this area, but the addition of a short campaign wouldn’t have been amiss here. Instead, it’s just different types of maps for the online focus.

To the game’s credit, it does have a practice option that allows you to play offline. Unfortunately, there’s no real opportunity for local multiplayer here, which is kind of upsetting, but I’m not going to hold it against the game. Especially considering the amount of detail that was put in throughout. Keeping on the topic of modes though, the selection of game types to choose from is quite lacking, to say the least. Not lacking in the sense that there’s a limited number of options, but more so in the sense that it’s all just variations of ‘been here, done that.’ The loadouts you can choose from are decent enough but, again, it eventually goes back to what’s mentioned above. Seen one sniper loadout, you’ve seen them all.

As far as gameplay goes, it’s as effective as it needs to be. Not setting the world on fire, yet enjoyable enough so that it’s not frustrating. There’s actually a fair bit of strategy involved from what I found. Sure, one can try to run into enemy lines and see if that works, but I instead went for the sneaky approach and ended up doing a lot better for the most part. This is, however, provided that you get a map with a fair bit of cover on it. If not, then it’s a significantly more challenging feat. All that aside, Day of Infamy’s gameplay is solid, but not so solid that I’d recommend the game on it alone.

On a more positive note, graphically, Day of Infamy runs quite well and, all things considered, didn’t really pose any issues that took me out of the game. There had been a couple of times where screen-tearing had occurred, but that was more of a personal situation. Functionally, Day of Infamy did a good job at keeping me engaged without having to worry about graphical or technical based errors. Which really is a plus, especially in this day and age of gaming. It has a couple of things that need tweaking, but nothing I’d call a deal-breaker by any means.

Frankly, moving away from the above, Day of Infamy feels like a game that doesn’t take any risks. It comes across as a mix and match of other, better World War II based games. Not to say that it isn’t good in its own right, but there are more effectively executed titles out there that, fundamentally, do the same thing. I suppose it comes down to your preference in the end and, for me, Day of Infamy just wasn’t my preference.

So, is Day of Infamy worth the purchase? In the end, I have to say no. It’s a competent shooter that’s let down by half-hearted design and seems to be based on the notion that ‘what worked for other companies will work for us.’ Honestly, if you wanted to play a World War II based game, Call of Duty 3 hasn’t gone anywhere.

Day of Infamy Review
Good PresentationRuns Smoothly Overall
Been There, Done ThatDoesn't Take RisksLacking Dollar Value
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