Top down chaotic action

Darksiders: Genesis is set to launch on consoles February 14, 2020. The top down action RPG features Strife and the return of our favorite horseman, War and has already garnered plenty of positive PC reviews.

If you choose to pre-order Darksiders: Genesis on the Xbox One or PS4, you’ll earn:

  • 24 hour early access to the game (start playing on February 13th)
  • A 10% discount (originally $39.99, now $35.99 with discount)
  • Pre-order skins for Phantom Steeds.

Pre-Orders can be found here:

PS4 Darksiders: Genesis Pre-Order

Xbox One Darksiders: Genesis Pre-Order

Will you be picking up Darksiders: Genesis on Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One when it drops? Let us know below.