Combining Dark Souls combat, a protagonist resembling Geralt from Witcher 3, and samurai swords sounds like an amazing game.  That’s what Ni-Oh looks like in the six minute gameplay trailer released today.

Ni-Oh began in 2005 as a flimsy rumor, but has been taken over by Team Ninja, famous for Ninja Gaiden, and looks to be released later this year.  The developer’s flamboyant style looks to be toned down for Ni-Oh and looks to borrow many things from Dark Souls.  Players can stand in multiple fighting stances and there is also a parrying element to combat.  Players slam their sword into the ground when modifying and checking their equipment and stats.

The game also draws heavy inspiration from the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.  The dark gothic architecture featured in the excellent FromSoftware game can be seen as well as the emphasis on dodging and rolling.

Ni-Oh is based on a script written by acclaimed director, Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai) and will be released exclusively for the PS4.  Check out the gameplay in the video below.