Hatsune Miku, Thrash Metal and GameBoy Sounds

A few weeks ago, after some time away from the music industry, the Broken Amp Smash the Mic podcast launched featuring myself and co-founder of the website Mark Brandt. Recently I sat down with Danimal Cannon, a big name in the chiptune world whom you may know from Arm Cannon, Metroid Metal and Weaponex. We talked about his musical endeavours and his brand new album Lunaria which comes out very soon and you can hear that interview below.

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The episode this interview is from: http://brokenamp.com/smash-the-mic-episode-003-riffs-everywhere/
The episode wherein we talk about Lunaria: http://brokenamp.com/smash-the-mic-episode-oo2-hobbit-rap-music/