Connect the dots, la la la.

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Steam games over the years have seemed to increasingly follow a very specific formula about including extra features. Games available on Steam should have ways to include player contributed content, achievements, an easy way to set up the controls, a way to customize the controls, at least a shell of a story to frame the game, etc. I find it slightly off putting that story and narrative have been limited in many low budget games to being one of these checklist features.

The story in Copy Kitty is barely there and gives this title just enough flair that you just might be tempted to play it. The lure of the title to copy special abilities might get people to jump into this game. The kill-by-numbers arena game play and weapons pick-up system is just fancy enough that you may enjoy playing it. The game itself, however, feels incomplete.

You are a cat that can copy the powers of the last three different power “pick-ups” you’ve received from defeated foes. You can use them one at a time as attacks or combine all the effects like stacked characters do in Super Time Force Ultra. Powers are essentially just different weapons. Killing in a certain order might be preferable as you may want to use the powers from your initial victims to clear the level. The way you connect the dots in this game is what makes it fun.

Copy Kitty Review

The story begins with you getting a present from your uncle. It is a device that lets you participate in a training mode similar to the construct in The Matrix. You see ones and zeroes fly by as each simulation is started or ended. While you are jacked in, you will spawn in a series of rooms, possibly with an initial weapon. Everything in the room is trying to kill you. You might find some power-ups, but most of your time will be spent killing things to steal their powers until you have the most bad-ass combo of attacks available. After powers begin to recycle through the game, you will gravitate towards abilities you find the most effective. During your play through, your uncle tries to convince you that your ability of copying skills is amazing. Unfortunately, you might not feel that way as you find you have to kill weaker creatures to have a chance to kill some of the harder ones.

Copy Kitty Level Done

Copy Kitty does have some slick controls with slide attacks, double jumps, and other ninja-like moves you only expect from kitties. The arenas sometimes feel very stuffy. The presentation of the game can be a bit confusing until you understand what you are looking for and get over the fact that abilities will fall down in hard-to-sort-through stacks. Getting through the levels might make you feel impressive as you go for the right powers and battle dozens of onscreen baddies at high speeds. Skillful play is rewarded just slightly by beating the level. There are a lot of levels to unlock, so this is good! Ultimately, you will have to find out for yourself if being a copycat is worth your time.

Copy Kitty Review
The combining of skills adds a different layer of strategy to the game.The controls are tight and concise. The game has tons of stylish levels, although they seem to feel too similar after a while.
The presentation of the story is tacked on to the levels and isn't emphasized.Gameplay gets repetitive. The lack of depth to the gameplay as well as anything else that sticks makes this game easily forgettable.
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