10. Magic Duels


9. Insanity’s Blade


8. Yandere Simulator


7. Chroma Squad


6. The Curious Expedition and The Consuming Shadow


5. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain


4. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth


3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


2. Undertale


1. Bloodborne


The Witcher III has great dialog and romance, and Undertale has a great message and sense of humor, but Bloodborne is simply great. The difficult to learn, harder to master yet somehow satisfying combat of it’s predecessors was tightened even more to resemble something like a spectacle fighter. The speed fury and bloodlust you’re forced to fight with instill the feeling that you are little different than the beasts you slay and, like everything else in this game, it is very intentional. I’ve already mooned over the technical aspects in my review, but you could write a thesis on the lore. Most people won’t even realize that Bloodborne has a story as nuanced and fascinating as anything on this list because, like From Software’s other games, you have to look for it. The story is told partially through dialog and cutscenes, partially through description of the items, but mostly through symbolism, theme, deduction, and just plain guesswork. This is especially potent in a story about inner demons and outer gods set in a world built from nightmares and insanity. If the Witcher is like sexy Casablanca, and if Undertale is the comedian secretly telling you how it is, then Bloodborne is storytelling in a way only videogames can tell it, and only the other Souls games have caught on.

Honorable Mention

Fallout 4


I haven’t actually played Fallout 4 yet, but I’m pretty confident it would edge out Magic Duels if I did.