In the Face of Certain Death, We Rise

Only two weeks ago we were seeing the announcement of the new project with the very stylized trailer.¬†Now in this new trailer we’re getting a better look at what the game will actually be upon release. The Japanese narration with provided subtitles give an idea to the world.

Dissecting the trailer:

First we’re shown a cityscape that seems in ruins with large cones piercing through the ground and buildings. From the narration these cones are referred to as, “The Thorns of Judgement”. The how and why for the judgement remaining unknown.

Next it is said that, “the human race as it once was is no more”. From that sentence it seems to mean that humans evolved or changed to combat against the news threats of the world. The consequence of the power explained to be a bloodlust. With those who succumb and lose their minds becoming the Lost. This description seems to indicate that the creatures of the game were once humans corrupted by the bloodlust.

The gameplay portions that are shown indicate that it is not a solo journey with a male and female character. Coming from what is shown of the large, possibly boss creatures and the dodging before attacking style the combat is comparable to the Dark Souls series. Still there is a lot still unknown about Code Vein.

Let us know if you’re getting interested in what this game might offer. Or has it yet to gain your full attention?