Playstation 4 2013-Present


E.V.E. Gunjack Review

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Destroying humanity has never been more fun Reviewed on PS4 Rejoice, filthy humans! Originally released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox back in 2005, the crimi...

Here They Lie Review

Subway into madness Reviewed on PS4 / PSVR The PlayStation VR is still just a babe. Released on the 13th of October, the VR has performed successfully in bo...


Finding the Time to Play Reviewed on PC STEINS;GATE is a sci-fi, visual novel following several Japanese students after they accidentally create humanity's...

Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield… Battlefield Never Changes. EA and developer DICE have taken one of AAA gaming’s biggest risks in recent memory by taking one of their flagship...

Titanfall 2 Review

Thrilling adventures with your new best buddy BT... Reviewed on PC Titanfall was an amazingly well made multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) designed arou...