Playstation 4 2013-Present


Until Dawn Review

The push for an interactive movie format is becoming more and more prevalent in modern gaming. Reviewed on PS4 No developer has found more success than Fren...

Transistor Review

Don’t Resist Transistor Reviewed on PC (There will be minor spoilers in this review, but nothing you won’t see within your first hour of gameplay) It’s...

The Order 1886 Review

Reviewed on PS4 Universally dogged by critics and players alike for being too short, having uninspired gameplay, and feeling more like a read-along book than...

Rocket League Review

Rocket to me, baby! Reviewed on PS4 Rocket League is one of those rare games that defies expectations and delivers a knuckle-bracing, sweat-inducing, explet...

Bloodborne Review

"Go on, throw yourself to the wolves!" Reviewed on PS4 Around the time I ate that one third of an umbilical cord, Amygdalae just started showing up all over...