Playstation 3 2006-Present


Yakuza 5 Review

The Return of the Dragon of Dojima Reviewed on PS3 Yakuza and Tojo Clan bruiser Kazuma Kiryu first debuted on the PlayStation 2 all the way back in 2005. No...

Heavy Rain Review

A Unique and Heartrending Experience Reviewed on PS3 It's hard to pin down what exactly Heavy Rain is.  It's certainly not a game in the traditional sense...
Lost Dimension

Lost Dimension Review

Who will be the next to betray humankind? Reviewed on PS3 Not many games are published on the PlayStation 3 exclusively any more. Bigger titles from Japan m...

Naughty Bear Review

Stuffing everywhere. Reviewed on PS3 If there is one positive comment to be made about 505 Games’ Naughty Bear, it is that there isn’t another game quit...