Playstation 3 2006-Present


Demon’s Souls Review

Prepare to die for the first time. Reviewed on PS3 When I was yet a student in college in the year 2009, perusing my local GameStop in between classes, I ca...
God of War

God of War Review

An Epic That Would Make Homer Proud Reviewed on PS2 The original God of War is one of the best games on the PS2. The fast-paced combat, massive boss fights...

L.A. Noire Review

L.A. Noire had gathered its fair share of attention leading up to its release. Reviewed on Xbox 360 Published by the creators of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar...

Final Fantasy XIII Review

Final Fantasy XIII might have been the most beautiful Final Fantasy game to have been released, but it was not without its issues. Reviewed on PS3 Prior to...