Playstation 1 1995-2005


Final Fantasy VII Review

Generations will remember. Reviewed on PC When new consoles are born, gamers are eager for the next game that defines a generation. For the PlayStation 3, T...

Chocobo Racing Review

Chocobo Rodeo Reviewed on PS1 The original PlayStation was a magical time for the video game industry – and if not, at least for my childhood. It was lik...

Einhänder Review

Sie warden nicht überleben. Reviewed on PSOne That about sums up Einhänder – you will not survive. Squaresoft has never particularly been known for its ...

UmJammer Lammy Review

 Dojo, casino, it's all in the mind... Reviewed on PSOne Rhythm game rockstar Lammy and her music prowess are the stars in the PlayStation title UmJammer L...

Resident Evil 2 Review

Welcome To Raccoon City. Population: Undead Reviewed on Gamecube No more than a month after completing the original, Capcom was already back to the lab, ha...
Final Fantasy VIII Review

Final Fantasy VIII Review

The past remains the same. Reviewed on PSOne Regardless of the medium in which they exist, siblings tend to be competitive by nature. In its family of games...

Chrono Cross Review

“What was the start of all this? When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?” Reviewed on PSOne Few can argue the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom’s superior...

Crash Bandicoot Review

Long before Joel and Ellie made their apocalyptic odyssey, or Nathan Drake made his first snarky remark, the newly named Naughty Dog were busy adding their firs...