Nintendo 3DS 2011-Present


7th Dragon Code: VFD Review

In dragon sickness and in health. Reviewed on 3DS SEGA, of late, began publishing games not known as Sonic again west of Japan. After an unsuccessful, but n...

Kirby: Planet Robobot Review

Playing Kirby games for me has become what Rocky Road ice cream is for the newly single. Playing a Kirby game is a comforting experience, making me reminisce t...

3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review

It’s still good. Reviewed on 3DS In 1992, SEGA popped out one of my childhood’s most memorable games on the SEGA Genesis in the form of Sonic the Hedgeh...

Super Mario 3D Land Review

It’s-A Me, in A-3D! Reviewed on Nintendo 3DS So. Turns out, I really missed Super Mario games. I just bought a 3DS XL a couple weeks ago, and it’s t...

BoxBoy! Review

A puzzle-platformer that fails to go outside the box. Reviewed on 3DS With BoxBoy!'s sequel having been announced during E3, and with some recent Nintendo ...