Nintendo 3DS 2011-Present


Monster Hunter Stories Review

A blighted story. Reviewed on 3DS Monster Hunter is as chronicled a franchise in Japan as just about any other you can think of. Here in the west, Monster H...

The Alliance Alive Review

Holy Alliteration! Reviewed on 3DS Developer FuRyu, much like Tokyo RPG Factory, set out on a mission a few years ago to create an RPG that harkens back ...

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Review

Return To Form Reviewed on Nintendo 3DS The chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog, a once vibrant and glorious franchise, fell to mediocrity and gimmicks in the ...

Severed Review

A game that cuts deeps Reviewed on Wii U Developed by Drinkbox Studios, Severed is the story of a brown, one-armed warrior, Sasha--and the exploits to attem...