In a recent interview with gameinformer, Infinity Ward’s design director Jacob Minkoff has elaborated on some of the elements of ship exploration in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, talking of how the player will be able to enter discussions with various crewmembers in a manner reminiscent of Bioware’s Mass Effect series.

When asked about The Retribution, the ship that the main character controls in the game, and how it functions, Minkoff said “The Retribution is the hub for all of your missions.” and added “When you get aboard The Retribution, you can talk with various crew members, like the officer who controls all flight deck operations or the one who handles your loadout and armory. There‚Äôs your navigator who will take your ship wherever it needs to go to. By talking with these people you can mechanically engage with all the upgrades and mission choice and all that stuff, but then also emotionally you understand the weight of your responsibility as leader.”

While Infinite Warfare is unlikely to have the same extent of in-depth narrative discussion as Bioware’s sprawling sci-fi epic, the suggestion of a greater focus on emotional understanding is likely to interest those Call of Duty players clamouring for a longer and more investing campaign mode, alongside those of us who ridiculed the laughable ‘Press F to Pay Respects’ scene in Advanced Warfare.

Be sure to check out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s reveal trailer here, if you haven’t already.

Source: GameInformer