Home is where the Heart(hstone) is.

Chris Metzen, the senior VP of story and franchise development for Blizzard Entertainment, worked for over twenty years to create worlds of wonder and flights of fancy. Now it’s time for his next big project: family life.

Metzen (who started out at Blizzard working on a SNES Justice League game before becoming creative director on a number of the company’s projects, including the Warcraft franchise) announced his departure in a post to Blizzard’s Battle.net forums. In the post, Metzen thanked Blizzard for a wonderful career, as well as the fanbase for its continued support over the years. Metzen plans to bow out of the game industry as a whole for the foreseeable future as he intends to put his focus and effort into spending time with his wife and three children.

With all the work he’s put in at Blizzard and all the fantastic games he’s helped create, Metzen’s legacy at the company will endure long after he’s gone. Here’s wishing for the best and for a happy retirement!