BitCultures 2.0

When founders Eric and Paul chose to close the doors to BitCultures in August of 2017, I found myself devastated. BitCultures served as a platform for me (and many others) to write about the gaming industry in a fashion that wasn’t typically seen elsewhere. As a site, we celebrated our highs and worked through our lows. By August, Eric and Paul knew the best course of action was to close BitCultures on their own terms.

Fortunately, Eric and Paul were both receptive to my offer to purchase BitCultures. We all love the site, and I am ready to re-launch a site dedicated to gamers from gamers. Joining me on BitCultures 2.0’s maiden voyage is none other than Jessica, one of our very best editors.

Together, we’re eager to continue publishing the content we all came to love, and we’re even more excited to publish new content to keep BitCultures alive, well, and fresh.

Please join us on our journey to a new BitCultures. We promise you won’t want to miss a post.