Another year another Fifa. People worldwide went out and bought the yearly release last week, with many workplaces having to deal with the highest absenteeism rates this side of New Year’s Day. Despite being a hard contender, it seemed like a couple of niche titles still managed to sneak up on us this week. Persona 4: Dancing All Night proved that you can milk a game and still manage to make it a worthwhile purchase, featuring a ton of great remixes of Meguro’s works and all sorts of absurd costumes.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer released to 3DS, pushing villagers everywhere to forget about their own lives and think more about styling that of others. Lego Dimensions showed this week that more can still be done with the ‘Toys to life’ style of play, mixing up all sorts of franchises in a blocky hue (the Doctor Who level being the best of the bunch). Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 brought the franchise back to its glory days, foregoing bloated controllers and silly gimmicks.

As for the news, my desk has been pretty empty all week, even with EGX. We did find out that Rise of the Tomb Raider will take around 20 hours to complete, giving fans some sort of hope for substance, hopefully this doesn’t mean that the game will be padded with collectibles however. PS4 owners also received update 3.00, adding some additional online storage and new options for media sharing.

Everything else:

  • IO Interactive confirmed that the next Hitman game will release on March 11th, being pushed back slightly due to the scope of the game being rather large.
  • Warner Bros noted that they aren’t letting Batman out of their hands just yet, sadly.
  • The Rainbow Six Siege beta will now continue onto October 4th.

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