It’s turning out to be a fine year for Beyond Good and Evil fans—that pernicious bastard 2016 is at least working out for some, it seems—as the exhaustively speculated-upon sequel has been more-or-less confirmed by creator of the original Michael Ancel.

This will hopefully end the torment of fans who have been on tenterhooks since this teaser trailer was released just over eight (!) years ago.

Taking to instagram, the scene of some concept art leaks over the past week or so, Ancel was able to be a little more explicit with the following caption: “Endangered species—now saved—Game in pre-production—Stay tuned!”.

Presumably to pre-empt further announcements, from October 12th Ubisoft are also releasing Beyond Good and Evil for free on their Ubisoft Club service as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. As long as you grab the game at some point before November 12th, it’s yours to keep. To join this Ubisoft Club first begin learning how to say ‘iconic’ seven times really fast, and then click here.

So, that’s all of the fun of waiting a year or so for a new game, with none of the existential horror of waiting eight years or so for a new game. You lucky blighters.