The Sims is undoubtedly the most customizable game ever made.

But the options to completely tailor the world to your imagination’s whims doesn’t stop in-game. Custom content, known in the community simply as CC, is one of the most incredible and fascinating things about the franchise.

Talented players have been designing, creating, and modding The Sims since the original game, and many years later, as The Sims 4 City Living fast approaches, the free content released for the series has only gotten better.

While new creations are released throughout the year on sites like The Sims Resource and Mod the Sims, holidays are an especially wonderful time for players. During what has been dubbed “Simblreen”on Tumblr, players can download plenty of festive clothings, decor, and other objects to deck out their Sims for the spookiest day of the year.

Below are some of my favorite Sims 4 Halloween CC you can add to your game just in time for the 31st. Be sure to also check out the “simblreen” and “simblreen cc” tags on Tumblr for more posts, as well as My Sims 4 Blog, which is updated daily with the latest and greatest in custom content.

Note: A lot of the most recent simblreen content requires a tumblr account, since users Trick-or-Treat via inboxes when a Sims blog has their porch light on. Because not everyone has a tumblr account, some of the CC will be from Simblreens past in order to provide an immediate download link.

31 Swatches of Overwatch Halloween Art by Valhallan

Sims 4 Overwatch Halloween CC

Put your favorite Overwatch characters into your Sims’ house this Halloween with these fantastic wall art conversions created by Valhallan on tumblr.

Download here.

TS3 to TS4 Halloween Conversion by Srslysims

Although the treat bowl isn’t usable like the one that came in the Spooky Stuff pack, it’s a Sims 3 piece that makes a wonderful addition to any Halloween lover’s decor. A coffin table and sculpture is also included.

Download here.

Halloween CC by Sims-and-Rebellion

The perfect combination of spooky and cute featured on tumblr and available for download at
Download wallart.
Download Voodoos set.

Halloween Posters and RugsDownload posters.

Download rugs.

Nightmare Before Christmas CCIs it a Halloween or Christmas movie? Why not both? After all, Jack Skellington never goes out of style.

Download here.

Halloween Attire by Annabelle25

A simple and tasteful take on Halloween wear.

Download bat sweater. 

These make perfect everyday tops as well as Halloween PJs!

Download here. 

Spooky Socks by Kortnee

You can never have too many pairs of Halloween socks.

Download here. 

Halloween Makeup

Animal Lips by Hot-Kon

Don’t have time for a costume? Don’t worry about it. Just have your Sim put on one of these wacky lipsticks. If you have more than one Sim in your household, you can make a whole zoo!

Download here.

Sugar Skull Facepaint by Pinkzombiecupcake

Guaranteed to win a costume contest and freak people out any other day of the year. Separate male and female versions.

Download here. 

Makeup by Margeh-75

A frightfully delightful combo.

Download lips.

Download eyeliner. 

Although one of the most recent updates included calevera facepaint and other Dia de los Muertos goodies, there are so many takes on the classic skull facepaint that you can’t settle for just one.

Download Dia de Los Muertos skull face paint.

Spider Web Eyeliner by Taty

These are adorable, colorful and, best of all, easy to imitate in real life.

Download here.

More Sims 4 Halloween CC

There are so many different costume options, clothing, face paint, decor, and more waiting to be discovered. These staple pieces are enough to get you started, but you should hit Google and start searching. Whether you prefer pastel pumpkins or guts and gore, there is plenty of CC out there to give your Sims the perfect Halloween.