Batwoman, Oracle, and Contantine could be appearing on all 4 of the DC TV Shows: Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. They would not be the only ones. Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and John Barrowman (Meryln) have already signed to potential appear anywhere in the TV Universe crafted by Greg Berlanti. It has been reported that a similar contract was offered to John Wesley Shipp.


The report suggests that Matt Ryan, who played John Constantine on Constantine before being cancelled and has done a guest appearance on Arrow briefly, could be offered one of those deals as well. It is qualified by “if that show performs well enough streaming on CW Seed.”


As for Bruce Wayne/Batman, there would need to be a deal worked out with FOX to get him to appear on the shows. But his family are potential open to appear. Kate “Batwoman” Kane will arrive in National City for Supergirl guest spot. She will play off her ex-girlfriend Maggie Sawyer. Barbara Gordon, as Oracle, will also appear. The Dynamic between them being similar to classic Birds of Prey stories with Oracle and Black Canary.

Finally, there is a hope to launch a 5th DC Entertainment series, giving a full week of DC Superheros. What type of DC show would you like to see added to roster?

More details and rumors should be surfacing in the next week with Comic Con upcoming.