After days of mounting speculation, and a painfully slow drip of hints, teasers, and leaks, Battlefield 1 has tonight officially been announced during the ‘Battlefield World Premiere’ livesstream.

After a stream containing six hours of discussion about previous Battlefield games viewers were elated to discover that, as the timer climactically ticked down to the time of release, we were to be treated to a bit more stilted discussion about previous Battlefield games. The discussion went on, and on, and laboriously on, at one point there was talk of toilet lids. Seriously. But then, thank the Lord, the game was shown!

With its alternate history WWI setting, Battlefield 1 bucks a recent trend of invariably futuristic shooters. With its name it also bucks the trend of conventional numerical order, as one follows four. While the possibly superfluous digit certainly inspired liberal smattering of incredulity on social media, others have pointed out that the name is well-suited considering the First World War subject matter.

Battlefield 1 occupies a historical space not filled by DICE since their 2009 release of Battlefield 1943, and its battle with the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will give us an insight into whether FPS fans will favour ultra-modern scuffles or instead opt for a decidedly more historical bout.

Here’s the reveal trailer: