Tales of the Surprisingly Good-Looking Graphics

With Tales of Berseria making waves after its North American release, Bandai Namco is turning its attention back to its home shores of Japan with a trailer for a mobile game that actually looks pretty damn impressive.

Unlike its predecessor Tales of Link (a fun but shallow Pokemon Shuffle-style time-waster), Tales of the Rays looks like a legit Tales title through and through. Crisp CG cutscenes, an animated opening, a theme song, open-world exploring, main characters from other Tales games, and the series’ iconic battle system all make an appearance in this trailer. Honestly, I can’t even think of a witty joke to put here. It just looks so nice!

With the mobile game market filled with super simplified games where luck and your wallet determine how fun your experience is, it’s nice to see something more akin to a full-fledged Vita or a 3DS title being brought to mobile devices. I am a bit worried that it might chug on anything that’s not a super souped-up, top of the line smartphone, and even more so about the inclusion of possible freemium elements that might slip their way into the game. That being said. it seems like a lot of effort is being put into Rays, and I’m excited to see where that effort goes.

…maybe it can go to North America? Please?

Tales of the Rays hits iOS and Android in 2017.