Rachel Watts


Pony Island Review

This game wants your soul Reviewed on PC Soft ukulele notes accompany the menu screen. Two green hills bounce up from the ground and the sun shines brightly...

Aviary Attorney Review

Winging it in the Courtroom Reviewed on PC Aviary Attorney is a courtroom visual novel set in 1840s France, where Paris is on the brink of revolution and re...
Orchids to Dusk

Orchids to Dusk Mini-Review

A quietly beautiful game of wandering and waiting. Reviewed on PC Orchids to Dusk is a pay-what-you-want short ambient game created by Pol Clarissou, a game...
Her Story

Her Story Review

Her Story takes two wins at the 2015 Game Awards Reviewed on PC Murder mystery game Her Story won two awards at the 2015 Game Awards out of the four categor...
Badblood Review

Badblood Review

A Brutal Game of Hide-and-Seek Reviewed on PC Badblood is a suspenseful local two-player stealth/action game developed by Winnie Song. A deadly game of hide...