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Speedrunners Review

Who built this stinking road? If I ever get my hands on him, I'll rip his heart out! Reviewed on PC When Dungeons and Dragons, Castlevania, and Super Mario ...
Blood Alloy Reborn Review

Blood Alloy: Reborn Review

You and I have unfinished business. Reviewed on PC Acrobatics, swordplay, gun-slinging, and video games go together like peas in a pod. In what looks like a...
Ken Street Fighter V Strategy Guide

Ken SFV Strategy Guide

Street Fighter V's Dashing Ken In Street Fighter V, the mark of a great Ken player is anticipation, impatience, and variability. With Ken, there is no great mi...
Mortal Kombat XL Review

Mortal Kombat XL Review

'Ooo, ahh.' It always starts that way, and then comes all the running and screaming. The best looking Mortal Kombat is back! Nearly a year since MKX's initial ...

Superhot Review

Never send a human to do a machine's job. Reviewed on PC When you delve into SUPERHOT for the first time, you will be excited by its creativity and style. Y...

Kitten Squad Review

Feline good! Reviewed on PS4 Ever pay for something purely with a decreased sense of dignity and self-respect? That's exactly what you will have after you w...
Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter V Review

Come for the game modes. Stay for the fight money. Reviewed on PS4 Capcom's first placeholder for Street Fighter V has been lined up in our download queues ...
Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Prey for Predators Reviewed on PS4 When you play a fighting game, you want to feel powerful, be totally in control of your character, and know the consisten...