Evan Schwab


Nier Review

Venture into a dark tale of humanity and existentialism. Reviewed on PS3 What is the value of life, and what makes us human? Following that train of thought...
Superbeat Xonic

Superbeat: Xonic Review

The time has come for the Vita to rock. Reviewed on PS Vita Not many developers commit to creating games for the PlayStation Vita. It is a sad truth for any...
Top 10 Gaming Cliches

Top 10 Gaming Cliches

5. Parents? What are Those? Aside from the horrible (read as awesome) parents in the Pokémon games who just let you, their own child, run away and lead ...
Top 10 Gaming Cliches

Top Gaming Cliches

1. Save the World Plots It seems that nearly every RPG, particularly the JRPGs, revolves around a central group of characters striving to save the world fr...