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Final Fantasy Explorers Review

Final Fantasy meets Monster Hunter. Reviewed on 3DS 2015 became a significant year for Square-Enix with the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, th...

That Dragon, Cancer Review

“Fear is cancer’s preservative.” Reviewed on PC When I first read about That Dragon, Cancer, I knew I had to experience it. The title is an artistic r...

.hack//Infection Review

Virtual reality at its deadliest. Reviewed on PS2 What happens when a virtual reality console meets an MMO? One would imagine a fully immersed experience as...

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Review

The end of a saga. Reviewed on PS2 After the mixed reviews of the cardinal title Shadow Hearts, developer Sacnoth and publisher Midway joined forces again....

Demon’s Souls Review

Prepare to die for the first time. Reviewed on PS3 When I was yet a student in college in the year 2009, perusing my local GameStop in between classes, I ca...
Illusion of Gaia

Illusion of Gaia Review

The world was in an age of exploration. Reviewed on SNES Before the great Squaresoft blunder of The Spirits Within and the subsequent merge creating Square-...