Evan Schwab

Illusion of Gaia

Illusion of Gaia Review

The world was in an age of exploration. Reviewed on SNES Before the great Squaresoft blunder of The Spirits Within and the subsequent merge creating Square-...

Einhänder Review

Sie warden nicht überleben. Reviewed on PSOne That about sums up Einhänder – you will not survive. Squaresoft has never particularly been known for its ...

Shadow Hearts Review

Prepare to embark on a journey through your worst fears. Reviewed on PS2 Video games often cross the boundaries of genre in order to create an experience in...

The Park Review

Everyone loses something. Reviewed on PC Throughout the course of our lives, we tend to lose countless things. It is human nature to forget. We struggle thr...

Xenoblade Chronicles Review

A once in a (console) generation experience. Reviewed on Wii Around the time when Xenoblade Chronicles released, the Wii had a sort of RPG renaissance. All ...