It’s time to make history

Persona 5 may be delayed until April, but that just means there’s a few more months of announcements to look forward to. For example: Atlus USA announced on its Twitter page yesterday that Persona 5’s costume DLC will be making its way over to the West. The post was accompanied by a video of the game’s cast dressed up in costumes based on the cast of Persona 4.

The video shows Joker rocking Yu Narukami’s outfit, Ryuji tapping into his inner punk as Kanji Tatsumi, Anne going for the Rise Kujikawa look, and mascot Morgana going bearserk in Teddie’s ensemble. There’s no word yet on any of the other costume packs, but I’d expect some fun announcements coming within the next few weeks.

…or you can expect it while I’m writing this very article. Atlus USA just dropped a small teaser for the game’s DLC Personas, Izanagi and Picaro Izanagi. I gotta say, for a game that keeps getting delayed, Persona 5 has a pretty good sense of timing.

Persona 5 hits store shelves on April 4, 2017.