Oh, cool, they made a prequel to Spec-Ops: The Line!

Francis Ford Coppola is an icon in the world of filmmaking, best known for helping kick-start the cinematic revolution of the 1970s with his classic film The Godfather.  Now, he’s kickstarting something a little more tangible.

Coppola (or rather, his film production company American Zoetrope) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a video game based on his landmark movie Apocalypse Now, which follows a shell-shocked soldier on a mission to hunt down a rogue agent during the Vietnam War. Backed up by developers from Far Cry, Fallout: New Vegas and more, the game will attempt to differentiate itself from other war games like Call of Duty by being a psychological horror RPG rather than a frenetic action shoot-em-up. Considering we already have an abundance of the latter, I’d say that’s not too bad of an idea at all. Like I joked earlier, Spec-Ops: The Line was a pretty harrowing, modernized adaptation of the same book Apocalypse Now took inspiration from, Heart of Darkness. Spec-Ops played as more of a direct satire of modern war games than a flat-out horror game, though. It’s nice to see a good old-fashioned psychological thriller once in a while. If successful, this could go pretty well.

…then again, we said the same thing about some…other Kickstarter games. The horror…the horror…

Source: Apocalypse Now